Friday, June 21, 2013

Ba - a - a - a - a - h, ha ha ... only in New Zealand

I told myself when I started blogging again that I would try to keep to as much original content as possible, but this article was too good not to share.  It appeared online today on and is authored by Anthony Sharwood.

The caption reads: "Sheesh, it's a sheepish sheep asleep in a sled."

Only in New Zealand:  Miracle sheep survive snowpocalypse 

  • NZ experiences near record snowfalls
  • Ski patrollers at Treble Cone skifield discover 3 lost sheep
  • They're almost buried but still alive.  It's an ovine miracle!
THIS could have been a story with a really ba-a-a-a-a-d ending.  Instead, it is a warm and wooly tale about the greatest sheep rescue in New Zealand's history.

And trust us, there have been plenty.  
Picture the scene.  It has been snowing like crazy in New Zealand all week.  Snowing and snowing and snowing some more.
While Australian ski resorts struggle to kick start the season due to lack of snow, Kiwi skifields are struggling to open because there's too much snow to clear.

Meanwhile, a farmer near Lake Wanaka on the South Island is missing three sheep.  We'll return to the sheep in a minute.

At Treble Cone ski resort, just above Lake Wanaka, there's been so much snow this week, ski patrollers have been doing extra "control" work.  That's snow talk for checking the snowpack for avalanche danger and setting off small slides before the skifield opens to the public.

So three patrollers are up there at the top of Treble Cone's Saddle Basin when they see a small mound in the snow. There's been heaps of fresh snow recently.  Everything is covered.  Why is there a mound there?  There's no logical reason for a mound in that particular spot.

On closer inspection, the mound has wool.  It also has eyes.  Astonishingly, the mound has a heartbeat.  The mound is a sheep, and the sheep is alive.  Even more astonishingly, two more mounds are discovered.  And all three mounds are alive.  All three mounds are sheep.

The caption reads ... "Counting sheep...they found the first one on the left."

The cheeky story doesn't end here.  To see more photographs and read more about it, click here.

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