Friday, August 21, 2009

Looky, looky I'm on TV ...

I've finally made it ... a professional athlete, "talent", a model, a girl who didn't know how to kayak ... I'm gonna be a star! :-) hahahhahhaahahha (Don't blink. You might miss me.)
This is the television commercial being used as part of Winter Games NZ that will air starting Sunday all around NZ.

Crasher Squirrel

Has everyone seen this? I hear he is making the rounds with his own Facebook and Twitter pages. The Crasher Squirrel is his name. I read about him on
I just couldn't resist posting this. He is ADORABLE!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mid-winter morning view from Fernhill

Headline: All Blacks go down again ...

From ...

The All Blacks perform the haka before playing South Africa in their Tri-Nations match at the Absa Stadium in Durban.

I've become a rugby fan. Or maybe it's more of an All Blacks fan. The All Blacks played South Africa Southboks at 3am NZ time. That's the beauty of MySky, NZ's answer to Tivo. (Or so I assume since I never had Tivo in America.)

I watched the match today while eating breakfast. It was a BIG match. NZ always does the Haka (as shown in photo) after the national anthems. I always find it inspirational to watch. I suppose it's a warrior type of thing. Rugby is an interesting game ... in some ways similar to American football, in other ways, not similar at all. From what I've seen, the All Blacks appear to be, generally speaking, the poster boys of the sport ... fit, mostly all trim, nice looking, clean-cut ... not the rough, beer-belly, cauliflower ear players that you see on many other teams. Again, I'm saying generally speaking. (Don't anyone start giving me flack for my generalized observation.)

Don't be mistaken though. They aren't just pretty boys. A couple of them went down during this match, went down hard. But in true Kiwi spirit, those that went down hardened up and went back for more. As one of the commentators said about one player in particular, "Southlanders don't Hollywood it". Unfortunately, it wasn't a Hollywood ending either. The All Blacks didn't play their best in this match this go around and suffered some questionable calls from the official which resulted in a 31-19 loss to the Springboks.

Cream of the B.A.S.E world

Last night I went to the Queenstown Adventure FilmFest produced by local couple David & Kirstin (he originally from South Africa, she a Kiwi). I know David & Kirsten because a year ago, when I was unemployed, I did a few days for them promoting last year's FilmFest. I dressed in a hodge-podge of outdoor clothing and walked the town handing out promotion flyers to drive attendance. Something I could never see myself doing in LA, but why not here? I was starting a new life. Anyway, I digress.

Last night's program was a series of short films. All inspirational, as always, when you're watching people do things you would only participate in from the sidelines. One of the most memorable films was Red Bull's "Uncharted" about Queenstown local, Chuck Berry and Americans Shane McConkey and Miles Daisher ... all world-renowned BASE jumpers.

I met Chuck a year ago at a dinner party. Nice bloke, full of enthusiasm and very entertaining. I remember watching his BASE jumping videos on his iTouch and talking about cooking in a cast iron frying pan. Now I wish I would have chatted with him more about what drives him to jump off cliffs. Maybe that desire that so many of us have to fly?

Anyway, if you ever have the chance to see the film, check it out. These are definitely interesting people, and you'll see some beautiful scenery of the Queenstown area as they drive to Milford Sound.

Lexus car advert filmed in region

Check out this beautiful TV commercial for the Lexus LS 460. Much of it was filmed in the region around Queenstown - the kayaking in Milford Sound, the drive on the road behind Lake Wakatipu is the road from Queenstown to Glenorchy. It looks even better on TV than it does on YouTube.