Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cream of the B.A.S.E world

Last night I went to the Queenstown Adventure FilmFest produced by local couple David & Kirstin (he originally from South Africa, she a Kiwi). I know David & Kirsten because a year ago, when I was unemployed, I did a few days for them promoting last year's FilmFest. I dressed in a hodge-podge of outdoor clothing and walked the town handing out promotion flyers to drive attendance. Something I could never see myself doing in LA, but why not here? I was starting a new life. Anyway, I digress.

Last night's program was a series of short films. All inspirational, as always, when you're watching people do things you would only participate in from the sidelines. One of the most memorable films was Red Bull's "Uncharted" about Queenstown local, Chuck Berry and Americans Shane McConkey and Miles Daisher ... all world-renowned BASE jumpers.

I met Chuck a year ago at a dinner party. Nice bloke, full of enthusiasm and very entertaining. I remember watching his BASE jumping videos on his iTouch and talking about cooking in a cast iron frying pan. Now I wish I would have chatted with him more about what drives him to jump off cliffs. Maybe that desire that so many of us have to fly?

Anyway, if you ever have the chance to see the film, check it out. These are definitely interesting people, and you'll see some beautiful scenery of the Queenstown area as they drive to Milford Sound.

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