Friday, August 21, 2009

Looky, looky I'm on TV ...

I've finally made it ... a professional athlete, "talent", a model, a girl who didn't know how to kayak ... I'm gonna be a star! :-) hahahhahhaahahha (Don't blink. You might miss me.)
This is the television commercial being used as part of Winter Games NZ that will air starting Sunday all around NZ.


  1. Hey, you're a tv star! Very fun. We can't wait to go back to NZ!

  2. Hi Carmen, was delighted to stumble across your blog! I'm a 41 year old Kiwi woman who has moved across the world to live in Hampshire UK. There seems to be a theme here - women in their 40s starting afresh and re-engineering themselves. Maybe its the Under the Tuscan Sun effect? Have a look at my blog about my experiences. Its still fledlgling but its getting there...


  3. Hi Vegemitevix! I was delighted to see your comment and hear of another woman on the same path as me. And how delightful that you're a Kiwi! And OH MY ... your reference to Under The Tuscan Sun ... friends have told me in the past that the Diane Lane character is me! (Oh hopefully, WAS me.) Have enjoyed reading your blog, but unfortunately, can't seem to become a Follower on your blog. Hoping this comment reaches you as I've really enjoy "following" your adventure!