Friday, January 29, 2010

Lots happening this weekend in Queenstown ... mainly golf

I woke up before 7am this morning to attend a webinar from the States on the Science of Social Media. It was a nasty reminder of working for that major tech company in America when I first got to New Zealand. But then I got distracted by the almost mystical view of super low clouds over Lake Wakatipu just a metre away from my laptop. I think it's just the start of another gorgeous weekend in Queenstown. At least that's my hope since there is so much happening in town this weekend.

Today there is a free event in town, Rock 4 Haiti. It's an 8 hour concert delivered by local musicians to raise money for Haiti and her victims. Hooray for the local radio station, The Rock, and to Glen Balfour (of The Flaming Drivers), John Stapleton (of Revolver), and other volunteers for their efforts in organizing this event!

The NZ Open kicked off this week at The Hills in Arrowtown. This is a major event for NZ, bringing heaps of international coverage and much visibility to this region. Not to mention that this event provides the public the opportunity to see the golf course and facilities, which are not normally open to the public. And let me tell you, this is a GORGEOUS place! I'd never been to a golf tournament until I attended last year while working as the Marketing Manager for one of the local helicopter companies in Queenstown who were part of the closing ceremonies.

The buzz is that this year's event will be even better. A friend told me that during a Chamber of Commerce meeting in town yesterday, a major representative from the golf world said that for many golfers around the world, coming to Queenstown for the NZ Open is one of their favorite things to do. According to American golfer, DJ Brigman, in a news article posted online this morning ... "I think Queenstown is the prettiest place I've ever seen. I've seen nothing to compare to it in the USA," he told a press conference after shooting a six-under 66 yesterday. "I've posted all my photographs on my Facebook page already and everyone is going: `Man, what a beautiful place'," he said.

On Sunday, New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key will be in town to open the new Coronet Nine at Millbrook in Arrowtown. I'm sure he'll be headed to The Hills afterwards to see the closing of the NZ Open. Everyone likes to attend the closing.

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