Friday, January 22, 2010

Mr. Wimpy and the BMX Kid

Tourism New Zealand has announced the 5 finalists in their "Your Big Break" competition. This is an amazingly clever idea to market New Zealand, for both tourism and film making, worldwide. Here is the detail from the contest web site ...

Your Big Break in a Nutshell

  1. The first thing you need to do is write a three-minute screenplay on how you would ‘Capture the spirit of 100% Pure New Zealand - the youngest country on earth’.
  2. You submit your screenplay. It is highly recommended you also supply supporting material in a 60 second video pitch to camera to bring your idea to life. It could include rough storyboards, stock footage edits, narratives etc.
  3. These will be assessed by a panel of experts including Academy Award®-winning producers, editors and filmmakers.
  4. The entries will be reduced to a shortlist of 5, which includes one people’s choice entry that is based on the number of votes it receives from the general public. It is to your advantage to encourage your friends and family to get involved and vote for you.
  5. Those five successful applicants will be flown to New Zealand early in 2010. They will have three weeks to pre-produce, shoot and post-produce their idea to the budget of NZ$100,000, with the help of a small crew and Peter Jackson’s post-production facilities in Wellington.
  6. Your return airfare, accommodation, production facilities, crew and core casting are covered as part of your prize.
  7. The five completed three-minute films will then be viewed and judged by Peter Jackson.
  8. You will return home.
  9. The winning film will run on US television in 2010 crediting you.
  10. You will be famous.
I was viewing the 5 finalists' pitches this morning. The range of ideas is inspiring, but this one so stood out to me. Have a look ...


  1. brilliant!! hey quite cool to follow someone from my hometown/ and even cooler to hear your in the travel scene
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