Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Go Out & See My Country" - 36 Hours in Paihia

I'm always whinging about the fact that I've been in New Zealand for this long (almost 2 years now) and haven't seen much of the country. And since I'm such a planner, I'm thinking I should start planning some short excursions. Here is an article that appeared on www.stuff.co.nz this morning. I thought I'd link to it as a suggested itinerary for some of you that are planning to come to New Zealand later this year. I might consider this itinerary myself.

(The story is by Mitchell Murphy from the Sunday Star Times, and this photo accompanied the story.)


  1. Hi Carmen, I've written a post about some things I reccommend my overseas friends have a look at in NZ - http://usebefore.blogspot.com/2010/02/vegemitevixs-10-things-to-see-in-nz.html

    I'll be posting the follow up to the South Island soon. Do you have any ideas what should be in that? Vix

  2. 1) visit the Sounds, but not in a large boat, in a kayak so they can see wildlife up close
    2) wine tasting in Central Otago
    3) Nelson
    4) The Caitlins
    5) Glenorchy
    6) Kaikoura
    7) the rugged beaches of the West Coast

  3. Thanks Carmen. I've got most of those on my list so it's good to know that I'm not out of date. x