Friday, October 23, 2009

Look for me in Security!

So I'm off to America in two days. This will be my first time traveling with my new New Zealand Residency. I think that means a different queue upon my return to New Zealand, but not sure if it means anything going into America.

Anyway, a friend of my brother, who just happens to be a Kiwi apparently has said he would make it worth my while if I can bring back a few things for him and his wife. Apparently their bags were too full to bring back a few of their NZ favorites after their recent trip to their homeland. So I'm off to the New World after posting this to pick up cans, yes CANS, of Wattie's Tomato Sauce. They figure cans will get me through Customs, rather than plastic bottles. A bit apprehensive I am, but willing to give it a go.

So if I don't post anything in the next few weeks, please send someone to look for me in Security at the Los Angeles International Airport. And don't be surprised if I've eaten all the sauce by then. Which reminds me, I suppose I'd better pack a can opener as well ... just in case.


  1. On my last trip to NZ I was stopped by the sniffer dogs at Customs and asked if I had any food. 'I've got tea, chocolate, and sweets all packaged' I replied. The woman shoook her head and said 'tea's fine, sweets ok, but I'm sorry you're going to have to give up the chocolate'. My face screwed up into a little ball of tissue paper. At my dismay she roared with laughter and said 'nah, only kidding!!!' Hope you get Security folk with a sense of humour.

  2. Good one! I had a Ziploc bag of Gorp (or trail mix) full of nuts & raisins in my handbag. I was fairly sure they were going to take it away from me. When I set my bag down to pull my luggage off the conveyer belt, that cute Beagle all but attacked my handbag. Security approached me VERY quickly. They let me go with it, but in the meantime, cute Beagle slobbered all over the bag. Yuk! It didn't stop me from eating the contents though when my flight out of Christchurch was delayed.