Monday, July 27, 2009

Mmmmmm, pie

Say the word "pie" to an American, and one probably thinks apple, pumpkin, banana cream. Or if you're from New York or Chicago, maybe you're thinking of pizza. But in New Zealand, a pie is a wonderful smaller savory thing filled with a variety of things such as mince, mince and cheese, steak and cheese, steak and mushroom, venison, lamb ... am I starting to sound like Bubba in Forrest Gump? The closest thing I can think of to resemble a New Zealand pie in America is those horrible frozen Swanson's Food pot pies. (I have to admit that I loved those as a kid though.)

Jimmy's might just be the country's most famous pie. Jimmy's is based in Roxburgh, not far from Queenstown. They're probably terribly unhealthy for you. But I can tell you that nothing, but nothing, beats a warm, flaky, hearty pie when you're cold and hungry. I'm definitely a fan.

But probably my favorite is the chicken and apricot pie made by Arrowtown Bakery in Arrowtown. Over the weekend, I stood in the rugby paddock watching Arrowtown play Upper Clutha. I was a bit hung from that Friday night birthday party I previously blogged about. It was cold, and I was wishing I was wearing my Sorels that are currently in storage in California at my brother's house. But I had a pie in my hand and that made me cosy and kept me warm. Mmmmm, pie ...

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