Sunday, July 26, 2009

What's been happening?

So ... from 13 June till 26 July, much has been going on. A lovely visitor came from America for a visit for a few weeks. On the agenda was parapenting, Milford, Queenstown WinterFest, parasailing, skiing, a spa visit, bungy jumping, eating. Lots really. And lots of eating. It was great fun! She is a lovely, bright teenager, and is one of those teenagers that made me feel better about getting older, knowing that she is part of the future. One of my nieces in America also graduated from high school in the past 7 weeks, and there were some birthdays of very special people to me in the past month as well. Some of which I didn't acknowledge with phone calls. (I'm still feeling guilty about that.) Anyway, next are some photos of the last 7 weeks. I hope you enjoy ... I did!

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