Sunday, July 26, 2009

She'll be right ... (or should I say he?)

"She'll be right" is a New Zealand saying. It's also an attitude. A popular Kiwi comedian, Te Radar, recently based his entire comedic routine, Eating the Dog, on the New Zealand attitude of "she'll be right".
Last weekend I went to a HUGE party of a father and son both celebrating milestone birthdays. It was great party at a house than was more of a compound. There was a band, a mobile open bar, and fireworks. A few of us staggered out about 2:30am-ish and stumbled our way down the dirt road, only by the light of my mobile phone, to meet our taxi on the main road. The husband of the woman in the taxi couldn't be bothered to walk all the way down the drive. So we left him. She said he'd be right. And I guess he was, because I saw him this weekend, and he had come right.
This weekend I heard that another friend's husband got home around 4:30am-ish. He walked home from the party in 24 degree Farenheit temperature across neighbor's paddocks. Paddocks with electric fences for the sheep. He apparently got zapped ... more than once. He came down with the flu during the week, but when I saw him at the top of a blue run today on Coronet Peak, he had apparently come right and "needed some fresh air".
But probably the funniest story I heard about last weekend and another fine example of a New Zealand saying and attitude is this. Apparently someone was not right at the party. Too much of the drink, no doubt. His friends asked for help. Someone volunteered to take a look at him. The diagnosis - take a shot of "harden the f*#% up".
Yep, don't expect sympathy if you're just whinging. I learned this personally last winter when I complained about cold hands while skiing. I try to remember not to do that anymore.

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