Sunday, July 26, 2009

What a WEEKEND!!

Friday night was another great birthday party, this time in Arrowtown. It was held at New Orleans Hotel. I saw people I hadn't seen in a year ... which is an odd thing considering Queenstown's population is only around 20,000 during its busiest time of year. Another great party with the first public appearance of a band that includes a woman I met a year ago who has never sung for a profession. Queenstown is like that. You can re-create yourself here.
Queenstown hosted a poker tournament this past week. Players came in from all over the world, but mostly from Australia and other areas of New Zealand. I know a few of the local players, most who advanced pretty far. Unfortunately, it was an Aussie that eventually won the NZ $87K 1st place prize during Saturday's final.
Saturday was also the North Face Peak 2 Peak competition where teams (or really fit and ambitious individuals) skied or boarded, kayaked, mountain biked, ran, and cycled from the top of Remarkables down to Queenstown and back up to the top of Coronet Peak. All I have to say about this is that I'd have to train for a year to do even a portion of this event, and I have a few non-athlete friends who did it. Those are Kiwis for you.
Today I used my seasons ski pass for only the 2nd time this winter. Shameful, I know. And I have new ski boots! It was fantastic! Social Sunday, incredible snow, not crowded. What a great day, and what a great weekend!

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